The following material was furnished by Peter Kenneth Heaphy

Heaphy Index
United Kingdom
LONDON IGI recorded by Mrs Pat Hamilton Mackay Qld 1993
Christian Name Parents/Partner Event Date Parish/Site
Anne John & Rachel *1/2 FC 27/8/1786 London St Giles Cripplegate
Archibald Gerrard Thomas & Eliza *3 MC 13/11/1854 St Marylebone St Mary
Arthur Spencer Thomas & Eliza *3 MC 5/1/1853 St Marylebone St Mary
Caroline Georgina Thomas & Eliza *3 MC 18/6/1849 St Marylebone St Mary
Catherine John & Rachel *1/2 FC 1/2/1784 London St Giles Cripplegate
Catherine to Edward Kynaston Moody WM 5/11/1812 St Marylebone St Mary
Edward William & Lucy MC 4/2/1806 Chelsea Saint Luke
Edward Charles JohnGeorge & Susannah Elizabeth MC 13/11/1861 Stepney St Dunstan
Eleanor Jane Francis & Eleanor FC 26/3/1837 Stepney St George in the East
Eliza Mary Thomas & Eliza *3 FC 18/6/1849 St Marylebone St Mary
Elizabeth to Richard Collet WM 21/2/1792 London St Botolph Bishopsgate
Elwyn John Thomas & Eliza *3 MC 18/6/1849 St Marylebone St Mary
Emily Clara James & Clara FC 3/3/1872 Limehouse St John Evangelist
Fanny John & Elizabeth FC 9/8/1820 St Marylebone St Mary
Fanny Elynn Fred. George & Ann Elynor FC 24/8/1862 Westminster St Luke
Francis Bradstreet Thomas & Eliza *3 MC 28/1/1851 St Marylebone St Mary
Frederick Nathaniel Frederick George &Anne Elynor MC 24/8/1862 Westminster St Luke
George Edward Thomas & Eliza *3 MC 12/6/1856 St Marylebone St Mary
George Thomas John George & Martha MC 13/11/1861 Stepney St Dunstan
Gerrard John Gerrard & Rachel *1/2 MC 15/4/1792 London St Stephan Coleman St
Hannah Elizabeth John George & Lydia FC 9/12/1863 Stepney St Dunstan
Harriet to John Meredith WM 17/4/1865 Westminster St Anne Soho
Henry Thomas & Harriet Jane *2/2 MC 24/4/1836 St Marylebone St Mary
Hester to Thomas Bell WM 18/11/1677 London All Hallows London Wall.
Horace Thomas & Eliza *3 MC 27/5/1858 St Marylebone St Mary
Jane John Gerrard & Rachel *1/2 FC 15/4/1789 London St Stephan Coleman St
Jane Charlotte William & Lucy Daniel FC 28/12/1812 St Marylebone St Mary
Jane Charlotte to Edward Spall WM 2/12/1847 Bethnal Green St Mathew
Jane Leonora Alice Thomas & Eliza *3 FC 4/7/1861 St Marylebone St Mary
Jessie Sarah Frederick George & Ann Elynor FC 24/8/1862 Westminster St Luke
Job to Fanny Wilkinson HM 3/2/1793 London St Botolph Bishopsgate
John (Heppy) to Eliza Daldron HM 15/5/1575 London St Peter Cornhill
John Peter & Jane Heaphy MC 21/12/1766 London St Michael Bassishaw
John to Rachel Ashley **1/2 ? HM 6/1/1777 Finsbury St Luke Old St
John John & Francis MC 28/6/1795 Finsbury St Luke Old St
John Geoge to Susanna Elizabeth Satchfield HM 10/5/1836 Southwark Christ Church
John George John George & Lydia MC 9/12/1863 Stepney St Dunstan
John Gerrard to Sarah Smith ***1/3 HM 23/12/1803 Shoreditch St Leonards
John Swithen John & Francis MC 5/8/1810 Southwark St Olive
Mary to Edward Scott WM 26/4/1631 London St Andrew by the Wardrobe
Mary Ann Thomas & Mary *2/1 FC 1/4/1801 London Haberdashers Hall Independent
Peter to Esther King HM 24/10/1775 London St Michael Bassishaw
Peter James John George & Susannah Elizabeth MC 13/11/1861 Stepney St Dunstan
Sarah to Phinelas Peat WM 3/12/1792 London St Botolph Bishopsgate
Theodosia Laura Thomas & Eliza *3 FC 18/8/1859 St Marylebone St Mary
Thomas to Mary Stevenson * *2/1 HM 27/11/1799London St Botolph without Aldersgate
Thomas to Harriet Jane Mason * *2/2 HM 20/11/1833 St Pancras Old Church
Thomas Thomas & Mary MC 15/6/1849 St Marylebone St Mary
Thomas Edward Thomas Ralph &Emma Elizabeth MC 9/1/1876 Stepney St Thomas
Thomas Henry to Emily Hudson Atherton HM 11/12/1871 London St Botolph Without Aldergate
Thomas Musgrave Thomas & Eliza *3 MC 18/6/1849 St Marylebone St Mary
Thomas Ralph John George & Susanna Elizabeth MC 13/11/1861 Stepney St Dunstan
Thomas Ralph to Emma Elizabeth Cox HM 7/2/1875 Spital Fields St Mary Spital Square or
Wheeler Chapel
Thomas William William & Jane MC 7/2/1858 St Marylebone St Mary
William Peter Heaphy & Jane MC 14/12/1768 London St Michael Bassishaw
William Thomas & Harriet Jane *2/2 MC 13/12/1835 St Marylebone St Mary
William John George & Susanna Elizabeth MC 24/11/1856 Stepney St Thomas

MC Male Christening
FC Female Christening
HM Wedding Record ( Husband's Name)

Background to Heaphy - Artists - UK
Comment :- The daughter of an Irish Clergyman named HEAPHY
married the eldest son of a nobleman (name unknown)
Their son : John Gerrard HEAPHY (took his mothers maiden name)
born .c. 1750 in England?
John Gerrard HEAPHY a merchant? married a Frenchwoman
(name unknown - Katharine Gerard)
n ?? John to Rachel Ashley HM 1777 IGI was this a second marriage?* *1/2
n ?? John Gerrard to Sarah Smith HM 1803 IGI was this a third marriage? ***1/3

Their son: Thomas HEAPHY the elder born LONDON 29/12/1775 (not shown IGI)
married 1. Mary Stevenson in 1799 (IGI *2/1)
married 2 . Harriet Jane Mason in 1833 (IGI*2/2)
Thomas HEAPHY the elder (b 1775) & Mary Stevenson had at least 5 children:
Thomas b 2 April 1813 Mary Ann b 1801 Elizabeth b ? Charles b 1821 Another Daughter
at St Johns Wood m. Musgrave m Murray New Zealand ?
LONDON (IGI) (IGI) Explorer VC

Their son : Thomas HEAPHY the younger(b 1813) married Eliza Bradstreet
of Little Wenham, Suffolk in 1842
They had 11 children registered christened in LONDON (IGI *3)
Their son: Francis Bradstreet HEAPHY (b 1850? christened January 1851)
possibly (taken from middle name), My grandfather Joseph Francis Neville Heaphy
My Grandfather: Joseph Francis HEAPHY (b 1888)
Lived in London as a child, worked for Nestles in London, America and Switzerland. Married Florence Mary Suddes (ex Yorkshire UK), September 1913 at Hackney London. Died Worthing Sussex UK 1956
Served British Army 1914 -18, Victorian type, rather distant did not disclose family history. Known to have two sisters married lived in the UK, my father William an only child, infant sister died aaged 3 of TB.
My Father: - William Kenneth HEAPHY (b 5/10/1915) b. North Hackney, LONDON
Also worked as manager for Nestles in London, Argentina and Malaya. Died Kuala Lumpur 1954
Served in RAF 1940 - 45 Radar Technician. Married Gladys Sutton Brown ( ex Kingston - Jamaica) 1941
son David b.1942 ( Southhampton UK), son Peter b. 1949 ( Kuala Lumpur, Malaya), son Michael b. 1950 ( Kuala Lumpur Malaya), daughter Patricia b.1954 (Worthing UK)
Myself: Peter Kenneth HEAPHY (b 29/3/1949 Singapore )
Worked in UK as harvesting forester, worked in volountary service in the Territory of Papua New Guinea , sawmilling married Margaret Balchin (ex Melbourne, Australia) in Wewak TPNG 1971, now working as supervisor for Dept of Transport Mackay QLD Australia,
daughter Eleanor b. 1972 ( Madang TPNG), son Andrew b. 1973 ( Odstock UK), son James b. 1975 ( Odstock UK), son Peter b.1978 ( Mackay QLD) , son Paul b.1979 ( Mackay QLD)
daughter Emily b. 1982 (Mackay QLD, son Luke b. 1986 ( Mackay QLD.

Details of Heaphy Artists, taken from:-

HEAPHY THOMAS the elder(1775 - 1835) Dictionary of National Biography,

Bryans Dictionary of Painters and Engravers Vol. 111. H-M
(London, G Bell and Sons, Ltd 1927), also records other Heaphy children as painters.

HEAPHY THOMAS the younger(1813 -1873) Dictionary of National Biography,
Bryans Dictionary of Painters and Engravers Vol 111. H-M, also records other Heaphy children as painters

HEAPHY CHARLES (1821? - 1881) Dictionary of National Biography,

The modern encyclopedia of AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND,

The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography 1769-1869

Also listed in Bryans Dictionary of Painters and Engravers Vol 111. H-M
HEAPHY, Archibald C. Crowthorne, Near Workingham, Berkshire.
paintings dated 1870/1 and 1881/2
HEAPHY, G. 28 Winchester St, Pimlico.(London) paintings dated 1874/5
HEAPHY, Miss M.A. 7 St John's Wood Road, Regent's Park.(London)
paintings dated 1824, 1825.
HEAPHY, Miss Theodosia, 8 Wellington Square, Chelsea, S.W. (London)
paintings dated 1883/4, 1884, 1885.

I have recently purchased (1998) a small limited publication, No 569 of 750 copies (1933) :-

The Royal Society of British Artist's Art Club Publications
Publication No 1

(1775 - 1835)
First President of the Society

Extract of Contents
Editors Foreword:
As Editor it is my privilege to acknowledge gratefully the gracious permission of his Majesty the King to reproduce certain letters in the Royal Archives at Windsor. The help and suggestions of Miss M. Mackenzie, Registrar of the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle, and of Mr C. H. Colins Baker, the Surveyor of the Kings Pictures, cannot go unacknowledged. It would have been impossible to compile the list of works by Thomas Heaphy but for the collaboration of their present owners, to whom, collectively , for want of space, I tender my most sincere thanks, and particularly to Mrs. Bareham, Mr C.B. Stevenson, the Curator of the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-on-Tyne, the Earl of Yarborough, Lt-Col. S.G.Knox,C.M.G.
and R.T.G. Paterson, Esq., for permission to reproduce works in their possession, finally thanks are due to my fellow members of the Publication's Sub- Committee of the R.B.A. Art Club, Mrs Whittington, Miss Gertrude Lindsay. and Messrs. John Cole, Frederick Hand, Adrian Hill, R Kirkland Jamieson, P.F.Millard and Gilbert B.Solomon.

HESKETH HUBBARD E4, Albany, Piccadilly, W.I. London

Thomas Heaphy, who was in his day a popular and successful painter was born in London on December 29th 1775, in the parish of Cripplegate, and according to the brief memoir written by F. M. O' Donoghue for the Dictionary of National Biography, was of noble descent on his father's side. O' Donoghue, who says that he obtained his information from members of the Heaphy family, states that the artists father, John Heaphy was born on a battlefield, where his father was killed. Johns father, according to this account, was the eldest son of a nobleman, who had made a runaway match with the daughter of an Irish clergyman named Heaphy. But the legality of this match was contested, and the matter was compromised by a provision being made for the widow, and for the education of the child, who was required to take his mother's name. Nothing however is said of this romantic affair by Roget in his note on Heaphy in his History of the Old Water Colour Society although Roget's information was derived, indirectly, from Heaphy's son.
Nor is it mentioned by Redgrave in A Century of Painters. Redgrave's statement about Heaphy's origin agrees with that of Roget, that the painter was descended from a Frenchman, who, on the revocation of the Edict of Nantes* (1685) left France and settled in the eastern part of London, where many of his countrymen were engaged in the manufacture of silk. According to the same authorities, John Heaphy married a Frenchwoman, Katharine Gerard
*(or Gerrard) and apprenticed his son Thomas to a dyer, with whom however he remained only a few months. His indentures were then cancelled and he was articled to an engraver, John Mitchell Meadows, who had been a pupil of Joseph Strutt. Meadows, to judge by some lectures on engraving delivered by him at the Surrey Institution in 1809, appears to have been a man of some cultivation, but he was unsuccessful in his profession and died almost in poverty. Thomas Heaphy, though he mastered the art of engraving, and was able many years afterwards to return to it and complete a plate of his most important picture, never loved the profession to which he was bought up.
He wished to be a painter, and joined a drawing class, directed according to Roget and Redgrave, by an artist named Simpson. 'Heaphy' says Roget, 'to whom the canvas was a more attractive than the copper, used to spend the evenings when he had done his master's work, at a place of instruction in art, somewhere in Finsbury, conducted by a painter of the name of Simpson. It seems to have been a good school, for it turned out several scholars well known afterwards in the profession, among them H Ross, the miniature painter, father of Sir W.C. Ross, R.A.'

The publication contains details of paintings, letters to clients, art critics and various descriptions of styles, fees and commissions, total of 39 pages. 20/12/98

I also have a copy only of a small publication:-

an account of the awarding of the first Victoria Cross
to a soldier of a Colonial Army

Doug McMillan
Words and Pix
Extract from publication
On the 11th of May 1867, a military parade, attended by a host of Army,
Navy and civic dignitaries, was held in Auckland, New Zealand.

When Major General Chute, commander of the British forces in the Colony,
pinned the medal for valour on the chest of Major Charles Heaphy, it signalled
the end of a battle that had lasted for three years . Heaphy had become the first
colonial soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross
Born in 1820, Charles was the youngest of 5 children of Thomas and Mary
Heaphy. Thomas, a noted artist, numbered the Prince of Wales, the Duke of
Wellington and Lord Palmerston, a future Prime Minister, among his friends.
Following Mary's death soon after Charles was born, Thomas married Harriot Jane
Mason. Obviously the children of the first marriage did not agree with their fathers
choice for a step mother and their relationship with him deteriorated. When Thomas
died in 1835, Charles moved from the family home. Heaphy took up his father's
profession and studied part time at The Royal Academy of Art while working for
the London and Birmingham Railway. Before completing his studies in 1839, he
was granted a three year appointment with the newly formed New Zealand
Company and sailed with their first ship the Tory, for the new colony.
Employed as the Company's artist and draughtsman, he took part in the exploration
of much of the land that was to be opened for settlement on both sides of the Cook Strait
Charles continued to explore and after a failed farming venture, was promoted
to Land Surveyor for the Province of Auckland
Because of his great knowledge of the country Heaphy was seconded to a flying column commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Sir Henry Havelock VC then taking part in the siege
of Paterangi Pa (Maori Fortress) near the town of Te Awamutu.
an ambush was made on this column as they crossed the Mangapiko River, several soldiers were killed. Heaphy offered to assist the wounded.
Heaphy , who had acquired a knowledge of surgery, offered to assist the wounded man,
Privates Cooper, McDoole and Cooney, all of the 40th volounteered to carry Cussan
out. As Heaphy got to his man, a shot rang out from the scrub. A bullet hit the buckle
of his revolver strap, causing the pistol to drop to the ground.
Pte Cooney rushed into the scrub and shot the Maori who had fired. At the same
moment a volley was fired from the heavy undergrowth just a few yards away from
where Heaphy knelt attending to Cussan. Some five balls riddled his clothing inflicting
minor wounds to his arm, hip and ribs. Cooper and McDoole were not so lucky.
They fell, both shot through the heart.
Heaphy continued to assist in the rescue.
An Auckland journalist, John Fenton, who was on hand to cover the battle, commented
to Heaphy on the state of his clothes which had been riddled by bullets. The Captain
removed his jacket to show the result of one of the balls that had struck him. A red
weal, 'as if it had been slashed by a whip', went from the position where the bullets
had smashed his belt buckle and half encircled his body. The ball had skidded around between his ribs and coat without penetrating the flesh.
Heaphy was immediately promoted to the rank of Major in the Militia.
Heaphy was recommended for the Victoria Cross, but this was at first refused as
all the criteria required by the Colonial Office in London was not technically met,
Heaphy insisted and was eventually awarded the VC.
When the recommendation was rejected it must have been a great disappointment
to him. He had lost his mother in infancy and had later been robbed of his inheritance.
When turned down for the VC he must have considered it the last straw. He decided
to fight , both for himself and for the other brave men of the Colonial forces who
he felt had been maligned by the civil servants in England. Probably no other man
could have carried it off. He had political pull unavailable to most others. He was
an old friend of Sir George Grey and was well known to most of the Government
members and the military leaders. He could also call on his fathers friends at
home - and did.
Heaphy went on to become Government Surveyor of confiscated lands in the
Waikato, Auckland Provincial Surveyor, Commissioner of Native Reserves,
Government Insurance Commissioner, Commissioner of Land Claims and
Judge of the Native Land Court, He was also a Member of the House of
Representatives for Parnel.
In 1881 his health which had deteriorated over the years, finally forced his
resignation from all his positions. He and his wife, Kate left New Zealand
and moved via Sydney, to Brisbane, where he died of tuberculosis on the
3rd day of August. He was buried in Toowong Cemetery on the same day.
A suitable head stone has now been erected and the area is tended by the
Toowong Sub Branch of the Returned Services League. A dawn Service is
held at the graveside every Anzac Day.
The publication contain 21 pages, include photographs of the site and researchers.

Anzac Day is celebrated with considerable regard in Australia, it recognises and remembers Australians who died in all wars.