Stainless Steel Collars by Heaphy Associates
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The Best Solution to Repeated Cooktop Cracks
in Solid Surface Countertops

The best solution to repeated cooktop cracks - that's our claim. Here are the reasons why were confident in making it:

DuPont, the largest manufacturer of solid surface materials, approves three techniques for dealing with repeated cooktop cutout cracks in CORIAN countertops. They are the ceramic tile border, the CORIAN ring and the stainless steel collar.

Although each may have its place, we believe that the stainless steel collar is the superior solution, and that Heaphy Associates provides both the best product and the best method of ordering available to CORIAN Service Agents and Certified Fabricators today, through our web site at

We are confident that Stainless Steel Collars from will solve similar problems in any brand of solid surface material.

Many consumers do not like the idea of surrounding their cooktop with ceramic tile. Many chose solid surface materials to get away from tile in the first place. The grout lines are unsanitary, especially in an area where food spills are common such as around a cooktop. Tile often is not compatible with the overall design of the kitchen.

Consumers who have repeated cracks around a cooktop may feel skeptical of adding another layer of solid surface material to the installation. DuPont's specifications call for four separate pieces of CORIAN, mitered in the corners, with the four joints caulked with silicone. Consumers may object to this sort of installation.

On the other hand, a Stainless Steel Collar by Heaphy Associates is compatible with the design and construction of cooktops. It fits in well with almost any kitchen design. Stainless Steel Collars by Heaphy Associates have gained a very high level of consumer acceptance in the marketplace, and have been effective in preventing repeat cooktop cutout cracks. Just visit to order your Stainless Steel Collar today.

Stainless Steel Collars by Heaphy Associates are fabricated precisely to DuPont's specifications. Each is made of a single piece of 16 ga stainless steel with a brushed finish and smooth edges. Our standard rectangular collars have no welds. All dimensions including inside and outside corner radii are as you select, so that each Stainless Steel Collar can coordinate with the appearance of the cooktop it will be installed around. For example, if the cooktop has a 1/2" radius at the corners, and you wish the Stainless Steel Collar to extend 1/2" past the outside edge of the cooktop flange, you can specify a 1" radius at the outside corners, so that the final appearance will match and coordinate. The result looks very much like an original part of the cooktop.

Stainless steel collars come in a standard brushed stainless finish, or in an optional appliance grade powder coat finish. You may select from white, black and almond, and custom colors are also available.

Ordering is easy through our web site - Each Stainles Steel Collar is fabricated to order. Standard rectangular configurations can be ordered in minutes with a simple online form. Sample shop drawings are available. Custom configurations are also available, such as collars with several openings for modular installations, three-sided collars for drop-in and slide-in ranges and collars with curved edges to coordinate with certain Thermador and Kitchen-Aid models.

Proper installation of a Stainless Steel Collar solves the problem of repeated cooktop cutout cracks in two ways:

First of all, it allows for the cutout in the solid surface countertop to be enlarged considerably. The resulting space between the edge of the countertop and the cooktop itself is filled with a plywood sub-ring, which is covered with NOMEX and 3M aluminum tape. This insulated gap dramatically reduces heat transfer between the cooktop and the countertop.

Secondly, a plywood support structure is installed around the underside of the cooktop cutout at the same time that the Stainless Steel Collar is installed. This structure supports the plywood sub-ring as well as the Stainless Steel Collar, and in turn, the cooktop itself. Ideally, there will be a gap of approximately 1/32" to 1/16" between the top surface of the solid surface material and the underside of the stainless steel ring when the installation is complete, and this gap may be caulked with silicone sealant if the consumer prefers. The weight of the cooktop is therefore no longer bearing directly on the countertop. This dramatically reduces stress and also helps reduce heat transfer into the solid surface material.

Heaphy Associates is always available to asnwer all of your questions and assist you with any unusual problems. Just visit our web site at for complete information. And complete your next repair of a cooktop cutout crack with confidence that the problem has been finally solved.